Create a captivating and intimate space through bespoke lighting solutions, accentuating your design aesthetic to make an interior statement

Decorative Lighting Solutions

Our expert team at Lucretia understands the importance of thoughtful illumination of an interior space and how it allows you to explore and experience it as you transition through.

From the initial concept through to installation and every detail in-between, allow our team to assist you in the design of your space with a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Specializing in creating a complete solution our team have adopted a unique design approach that encompasses custom lighting design with new age technology.

Over saturation of light can lead to eye-strain and reduced productivity. A well-lit space is essential in ensuring enjoyment of homes, offices and also public spaces.

Lighting design is unique to each individual and space; a bespoke service requiring fine attention to detail to ensure a well lit space.

The Lucretia team is passionate about presenting bespoke lighting designs and fixtures that can be modified in shape, form and finish to suit all spaces.

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From our lighting Design Team

“When selecting decorative fixtures for an interior space, never underestimate the power of how light is transmitted.”

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