At Lucretia, we believe that lighting solutions have no limits – and that includes who we expertly design them for. Our experienced team has been working with international trade clients and individuals for many years, and we are proud to offer complete lighting solutions to anyone around the world. Whether you're located in the heart of a bustling city or in a remote rural area, we're here to help you bring your lighting vision to life.

Our commitment to quality and safety doesn't stop at international borders. When shipping our products globally, we ensure that all specifications meet the necessary standards for safe electrical installation in the destination country. We also provide local or custom alternatives to any international lighting items specified on the schedules of builders and electrical wholesalers.

From complete hospitality lighting solutions for luxury hotels and resorts to single fixtures for an office or home, our design team is dedicated to creating a tailored lighting plan that meets all of your needs. Our expertise extends to a wide range of projects, including commercial and residential lighting design, and we've worked with clients across a diverse range of industries.

We're proud to offer our lighting services worldwide and to assist you in bringing your design vision to life, no matter where you're located. Some of the locations we've served include but are not limited to: American Lighting design, European Lighting Design, United Kingdom Lighting Design, UAE Lighting Design, New Zealand Lighting Design, Asia Lighting Design, Africa Lighting Design, and Australia Lighting Design.

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