Creating A Statement In Your Void


“tips and tricks to follow when implementing lighting into your space”

A void in any interior space is the best place to start when beginning your lighting selection. A void is most often used in double story homes or large scale commercial spaces to generate negative space. Typically found in the entry of the home and adjoining staircases, voids are the perfect place to introduce a lighting statement to ‘wow’ both yourselves and visitors.


When first considering a light fitting for your void, it is important to know both the height and dimensions of the space. These measurements will help in selecting the right sized product for your space. Pendants and chandeliers can be multiplied, scaled up or down, reduced or can even be completely customized for your space.

The second factor to consider when selecting lighting for a void is where the fitting will be located within the space. A common question we ask our clients here at Lucretia is if it is going to be situated within the parameters of a window or sitting over a piece of furniture. Knowing where the fitting is going to be located helps judge the appropriate height of the light fitting.

Other elements in your space to consider when selecting a light fitting for your void are potential obstructions, such as beams, balustrades or door openings. These factors may affect the size or location of the pendant.

Lastly, one of the most essential things to consider is the weight of the product you are intending to use within your space. All types of properties, whether it be a residential home or commercial location will allow for different weights of light fixtures. This factor is worth discussing with your builder to see what weight can be suspended within this space. If the property cannot hold a significant weight you will need to proceed with extra measures to make sure that the pendant can be used in the intended area.

Style and colour are the fun elements to research when selecting a pendant for your void. Make a statement with unique shapes or pops of colour.

If you love a pendant or chandelier in our range but are not sure how it will fit within your space, feel free to contact our lighting consultants today.

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