How to effectively layer your lighting from ambient to task.


Ever wondered how to achieve the most effective lighting plan for your interior space? Consider this, Lighting Levels.

Lighting is more than just the brightness in your home used for task driven spaces, lighting can be so much more when used well. When using the three levels of lighting in your home, your space will be able to transition from day to night while still providing you the lighting you need to move throughout.  As listed below, the three levels of lighting are best used in conjunction with one another to make your space as flexible as possible.

Overall / Task Lighting Layer- The minimum lighting that is always present. Allows you to transition through your home easily. Your overall lighting can come in the form of functional light fittings, such as downlights. This lighting level is your base layer to add upon, allowing you to use your space in different ways. 

Focal Layer - Draws the attention of the observer to an art piece or sculpture. The Focal Lighting Layer will highlight design features in your home which may otherwise be lost. Creating a focal point forms a point of interest in your home. Your Focal Lighting Layer can be achieved through the use of spotlight & wall wash fittings to make your design feature ‘pop!’

Decorative Layer - Creates a statement! Like the jewellery for your home adding another sense of ambience. Your Decorative Lighting Layer is like the icing on a cake, made to embellish and create a point of interest. Most commonly decorative lighting is used in the form of pendants, laps & wall lights. Your decorative lighting will provide a sense of ambience in the home and are perfect to use in the evening when wanting to unwind.

The three lighting levels can be used in many different ways to suit your needs. Some may prefer to work in a bright space lit by downlights, others may like to work with just a desk lamp beside them. However you like to live in your home, the three lighting levels can be used to achieve your desired feel. 

If you were ever wanting to consider how to achieve the three levels of lighting in your home, contact one of Lucretia’s lighting consultants today to assist you further.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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