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Apollo L Glare-free Downlight

$ 115.00 AUD
$ 115.00 AUD

Apollo L Glare-free Downlight

Apollo is an adjustable downlight range that encompasses sleek style with state-of-the-art LED chips and components to ensure a high-quality anti-glare recessed downlight range. The adjustability provides total flexibility with the direction of light. Available in several beam angles and a high CRI to ensure bright and vibrant colours within your space. Available in 5W, 8W, 10W ,12W and 15W will ensure this product can be used in all spaces and settings and is optimal for achieving professional results. White and Metallic interchangeable Bezel designs to suit all spaces and interiors and ultimately meet multiple lighting requirements.

Product Specifications

TYPE: Ceiling recessed
Light Source: 10W,12W,15W dedicated Phosphor LED, non-replaceable
Color Temperature/ CRI: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, CRI 95
Optic: 18°, 24°, 36°, 50°
Body: Die cast aluminum adjustable housing, powder coat finish, polycarbonate optic, steel sprung mounting clips
Dimmable: TRIAC Dimming, 1-10V and Dali dimmable Upon Request Only
Finish: Metallica Black, Gold, Chrome, Silver Bezel and body
Lumen Package: 10W 3000K CRI95 650lm ,12W 3000K CRI95 780lm, 15W 3000K CRI 95 975lm
SDCM/L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Bezel Diameter: Trimmed: Ø85mm
Cut Out: Trimmed: Ø75mm
Depth: 110mm installation depth required
IP: 44
Weight: 0.98Kg excluding driver
Adjustability: 360˚ horizontal axis, 30˚ vertical axis
Driver: remote driver with plug


$ 355.00 AUD

Venus 25 Art Gallery Track light


$ 295.00 AUD

Venus 15 Art Gallery Track light


$ 220.00 AUD

Venus 10 Art Gallery Track light


$ 138.00 AUD

Lucretia 194 Trimless Wall LED Profile


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