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Bacchus 75 Glare-free Adjustable Downlight IP54

$ 120.00 AUD
$ 120.00 AUD

Bacchus 75 Glare-free Adjustable Downlight IP54

Waterproof Adjustable downlight providing direct light Suppresses discomfort glare. Glare-free, eye-friendly light. Designed with the cut-off angle of 40° to keep light out of the sight, considering human’s line of vision and elevation angle. It is a glare-less light, an “eye-friendly” light eliminating offensive glare. Fixture design suppressing the lighting feel, blending into the space Thanks to a light distribution design that minimizes the amount of light striking the cone combined with the mirror-finish cone, the fixture blends into the space instead of calling attention to itself. Less reflected glare on windowpanes allow more beautiful night view. The Light Supply fixed round recessed downlight, comprises of a fixed aluminium body containing either a spot, medium or flood high visual comfort optic, and a dedicated 2700K,3000K or 4000K Phosphor LED light source. Light Supply is available with a slim ceiling trim and offers a choice of a Metallica black,Gold,Chrome,Silver bezel finish.

Product Specifications

TYPE: Ceiling recessed
Light Source: 5W, 8W, 12W dedicated Phosphor LED, non-replaceable
Color Temperature/ CRI: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, CRI 92
Optic: 5W 8W 11°, 18°, 24°, 36°, 50°, 12W 18°, 24°, 36°, 50°
Body: Die cast aluminum adjustable housing, powder coat finish, polycarbonate optic, steel sprung mounting clips
Dimmable: 5W Non-dimmable , 8W or 12W TRIAC Dimming, 1-10V and Dali dimmable Upon Request Only
Finish: Metallica Black, Gold, Chrome, Silver Bezel and body
Lumen Package: 5W 3000K CRI92 400lm, 8W 3000K CRI92 640lm, 12W 3000K CRI92 960lm
SDCM/L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Bezel Diameter: Trimmed: Ø85mm
Cut Out: Trimmed: Ø75mm
Depth: 90mm installation depth required for 5W and 8W. 110mm installation depth required for 12W
IP: 54
Weight: 0.98Kg excluding driver
Adjustability: 360˚ horizontal axis, 30˚ vertical axis
Driver: Requires remote driver


$ 8,400.00 AUD

Pharaoh Curl 1300


$ 6,500.00 AUD

Pharaoh Curl 1000


$ 4,800.00 AUD

Pharaoh Curl 800


$ 16,550.00 AUD

Pharaoh Rosette


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