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Divisio Pendant

$ 450.00 AUD
$ 450.00 AUD

Divisio Pendant

Create a statement with the charming Divisio Pendant in your interior space today. With its split ring frontage and embedded LED light source, the Divisio Pendant is the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality. Soft rolled aluminium and brushed aluminium join together to create the best of both worlds with a harmonious appeal to passers-by. The Divisio’s embedded LED light source produces a practical, downward facing illumination; perfect to be situated over work surfaces such as desks, dining tables, coffee tables and kitchen benches. The Divisio Pendant range can also be used to create a unique lighting feature in voids or open-plan living spaces with a combination of different sized rings to cover more expansive area. Want an opinion on how to best fill your space with the Divisio Pendant? Get in touch with our friendly staff now to assist further in your lighting selection.

Product Specifications

Product Code: LUP8260

Dimension: 360mm*360mm*50mm, 497mm*497mm*50mm, 599mm*599mm*50mm, 799mm*799mm*50mm, 1000mm*1000mm*50mm

Power & Light Source: LED build in 13.5W, 19W, 22.6W, 30W, 38W

Lumens: 90lm per wattage

Colour Temperature: Warm white 3000K

Dimmable: Non-dimmable or TRIAC as standard, 1-10V and Dali dimmable Upon Request Only

Material: Timber, Stainless Steel

Color: Natural Birch with Gold or Black

Code: B


$ 20,395.00 AUD

Saint-Louis Matrice Nickel-plated finish Table Lamp


$ 8,825.00 AUD

Saint-Louis Matrice Nickel-plated finish sconce


$ 1,667.00 AUD

Saint-Louis Matrice Wall Sconce


$ 9,510.00 AUD

Saint-Louis Royal simple ceiling light


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