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TL35 Ø90 Framing Projector

$ 1,200.00 AUD
$ 1,200.00 AUD

TL35 Ø90 Framing Projector

TL35 Ø90 Framing Projector provides first class options for: architects, designers and display applications who want superior flexibility in an LED accent lighting system. This new track light can highlight any valuable area or object in a unique sharp-edged lighting shape or a personal customized logo. This product is ideal for use as accent lighting in museums, exhibitions, art galleries or sales and showroom areas. It is designed to provide sharp and focused projection of a light field and is also available with self-dimming thanks to its built in dimmer function. Through the use of a set of four framing blades and an iris disphragm it brings a sharp-edged, high contrasted square and triangle lighting shape at your convenience. The custom logo progection option can be projected at your request through 355° and pivots through 90°. This light combines functionality with your convienience of customisation to create your ideal accent lighting projection in any space.

Product Specifications

TYPE: Track mounted adjustable projector
Light Source: 30W dedicated LED array, non-replaceable
Color Temperature/ CRI:2700K CRI90, 3000K CRI90, 4000K CRI90
Optic: 16˚
Body: Die cast aluminum adjustable projector body and head assembly, with a powder coat paint finish, fitted with a color matched engineering plastic 3 circuit track adapter.
Finish: White, Black
Lumen Package: 30W 3000K CRI90 435lm
SDCM/ L 70 B10: < 3/ 50,000 hours
Projector head: Ø90mm x 352mm
Height: 301mm
Width: 118mm
IP: 20
Weight: 4Kg
Adjustability: 355˚ horizontal, 90˚ vertical
Dimmable: Non-dimmable, 1-10V and Dali dimmable Upon Request Only
Driver: Integral driver, option of dimmer control on board
Optical Accessories: Honeycomb louvre, Studio diffuser
Customized Logo: Please contact us for details
Color Filter: Please contact us for details


$ 20,395.00 AUD

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