Looking for more than just a ceiling full of downlights in your home?

Our residential lighting design team carefully create a bespoke lighting solution for all clients which encompasses 4 levels of lighting; Task lighting - a focussed brighter illumination required for activities such as cooking or reading, Ambient lighting - the indirect light that sets the mood of a space, Focal Glow - the highlighting of specific objects to draw the attention of the observer and your Play of Brilliance - the feature pendants and chandeliers acting as the jewels for your home.

Our Residential Lighting Design service is designed to provide those who are building or renovating apartments, townhouse units or houses with a complete lighting package for both interior and exterior spaces. Servicing Clients, Architects, and Builders our Lucretia Design Team provides a tailored lighting design solution from concept design through to commissioning.

This begins with a one-on-one consultation where we conduct a project analysis, understanding the client’s needs and what they would like to achieve in their lighting design.

Our lighting design team then carefully constructs a preliminary concept design for further discussions with the client, taking into consideration all the elements of lighting to achieve the intended moods within each space.

Following the conceptual design stage, each residential design will receive:

  • Full set of working drawings
  • Lux level calculations of particular spaces of importance established by the client
  • Detailed schedule of lighting products used to achieve the design established, including both architectural and decorative pieces
  • Guidance through the project installation
  • Final site inspection upon project completion

Our goal is to create a unique and simply well lit design every time.

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